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Software & Systems Design
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17-May-2020: MongoDB scripting and CLI arguments
7-May-2020: Enabling/Disabling/Mixing Direct Monitoring on Focusrite 4i4
12-Apr-2020: 48th St.: Before And After.
9-Dec-2019: BSON and Be Well.
28-Oct-2018: A quick post of a collection info function for MongoDB.
27-Sep-2018: A new rant on making pivot tables in MongoDB. Sort of.
17-Dec-2017: Think Postgres JSON = MongoDB? Think again.

Quip Archive

HyperResume     An ongoing project. The summary is I am a 25+ year veteran of financial and support systems design, development, and management. Since 2013 I have been engaged in leading edge startups including the drive to IPO for MongoDB. I am available on an advisory basis to clients of all sizes, specializing in review of information and integration design of all kinds (from financial products to technical footprint inventory to IoT to bioinformatics), software design and complexity, multilanguage leverage, and internal/external systems integration and security.
Software & Systems Design
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17-May-2020: Running MongoDB scripts with command line arguments
7-May-2020: Enabling/Disabling/Mixing Direct Monitoring on the Focusrite 4i4 Audio Interface
9-Dec-2019: Why BSON covers more bases than JSON, AVRO, XML, GPB...
28-Oct-2018: A Nice Collection Info Function For MongoDB
2-Oct-2018: Hurricanes, GeoJSON, and MongoDB
27-Sep-2018: An Approach for Creating Pivot Tables with MongoDB
5-Sep-2018: Calculating Bucket and Moving Averages with MongoDB
14-Jul-2018: Semantic Analysis for CMDB
6-Jan-2018: A Hitchhiker's Guide To Blockchain
6-Jan-2018: Java and JRuby: Multilanguage leverage capabilities
12-Dec-2017: Postgres JSON, Developer Productivity, and The MongoDB Advantage
2-Oct-2017: Dynamic Aggregation of Unspecified Fields in MongoDB
31-Jan-2017: WebF: Yet another lightweight web service framework
3-Jan-2017: MongoDB 3.4 and Money: Hello BigDecimal!
17-Oct-2016: Quick tips for using pandas with MongoDB
2-Oct-2015: MongoDB: It's More Than Just JSON
21-Oct-2013: MBI/MBD: Map-Based Interface & Driver(s) to Persistence
24-Sep-2013: Good Identity Architecture
10-Sep-2013: Want To Go On A (java.util.)Date?
2-Sep-2013: PQL: The Prefix Query Language
10-Aug-2013: Strength & Speed: Leveraging Java into RAD with JRuby
24-July-2013: Don't Directly Serialize Your Classes To JSON or XML
11-July-2013: Let's Talk About Money
10-July-2013: Why You Need an Open Source Software Governance & Provenance framework
4-July-2013: Software & Databases: You're All Missing The Point

Coming soon:
Single View of X: Polarizing the Problem

Links I Like
  • - Astonishing feats of css and javascript with a true aesthetic appeal.
  • - Global financial services and markets article consolidation without all the distractions.
  • - A nice way to leg into both LISP and customization of emacs.
  • - If only this existed in 1997, we would have never gotten so deep into the XML hole.
  • - I did not know there were so many until I bumped into this.
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